A simple backpacking guide when traveling to Hawaii

Hawaii is always known to be among some of the best tourist destinations around the globe. Even if you are going on a business trip, you still can’t resist the beauty this place has to offer hence you might find yourself taking a break and going around to try and enjoy some of the beautiful sites on this little tropical paradise.


Located just in the middle of the pacific, Hawaii always enjoys the sun in abundance, great sandy beaches and an awesome view of the ocean making it one of the most seductive holiday destinations.


Well, due to its relatively untamed environment and also being located in an exotic location, there are certain items that you most certainly must have when backpacking for your trip, below are some of them.



  • Sunscreen


If you were expecting to see any snowfall in Hawaii then sorry to disappoint you. This is probably why most people refer to this place as a sunny Hawaii. If you are going to use your skimpy swimsuits then you are most certainly going to need protection from the scorching rays from the sun.


This therefore makes a sunscreen to be among your top priorities when packing. Make sure you pack one with a sun protector factor of about 30 or even more. Additionally, you can also carry an aloe gel to help you soothe the burns if you always get affected by the sunburns easily.


A reef safe sunscreen would also be appropriate when traveling to search fragile ecosystem as they are known to be chemically safe for the turtles and reefs in the region.



  • The right clothing


As said before, it is almost impossible to visit Hawaii without checking out some of it’s wonderful and amazing beaches like Lanikai or even Waikiki.


They always have turquoise waters and their great pristine sand will always attract you to take a walk along the shores whether its a romantic walk with your partner or you just want some time alone. Well, since you can’t be wearing your swimsuit all the time, you will need an appropriate clothing for this.


For men, maybe you should consider throwing in a couple of Polo shirts or T-shirts and a few pair of shorts. For the ladies, you might consider finding a great swimsuit cover-up perhaps with a straw hat too would be okay.


  • Waterproof phone case


Of course you wouldn’t want to visit a place like Hawaii and come out with no pictures for your Instagram or just to keep some memories, right? This is why you will often find a lot of people carrying their phone to every place they go.

Besides, you might also be needed for something urgent hence having a phone with you at all times is an important thing. However, you need to be very careful and keep it much safe especially when around water bodies.

This is why having a universal waterproof phone case would be such a nice idea. This way, even if you dropped your phone in the water when taking pictures, it will still be safe. They also help when taking pictures underwater.



  • Flip flops


In Hawaii, it is pretty difficult to stay without flip flops, everybody wears them. When on the beaches, you will probably notice how hot the sand can get as they get heated all day by the sun.

This is quite true especially with those beaches having a darker sand as they are known to absorb too much heat hence can be dangerous when you try to walk barefoot on them. This is why you need to have some flip flops with you.


  • Hiking shoes


Well, you can’t miss the beaches and most certainly you can’t miss the wonderful natural scenery around Hawaii too.

You can always find a lot of hiking opportunities including the Hawaii Volcanoes national park among others.

This is why you will need to have some extra hiking shoes just in case you want to enjoy more on what Hawaii has to offer in terms of the wild natural beauty.