What to and see in the Bahamas

The iconic Bahamas is one of the most popular holidaying and travel destinations across the entire Caribbean region. With plenty of diversity, things to do as well as sights to see on the menu, it’s clear to see why. Let’s look at what to do and see in the Bahamas.

Pink Sands Beach

The beautiful Pink Sands beach is located on the less-busy east coast of Harbour Island. The sea laps the beach quietly, its rollers smashed by walls of coral patches and sandbanks just close from the shore. You can unwind on the series of small palm-topped umbrellas and sunbeds along the island’s lavish boutique hotels. Nevertheless, it’s the pink-colored sands that are the main attractions here, shining in a warm rose color under the sun.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Island was previously a hideaway for pirates and later a diver training center during the 2nd World War. It’s officially referred to as Salt Clay and has become one of the best all-around family destinations in the Bahamas. Attractions include the beautiful swathes of white sand that line the beaches, seemingly never-ending Segway tracks and walkways through the coastal coconut palm groves, the stony McCutcheon’s Tower that offers breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea as well as an inland lagoon that provides water sports opportunities and wildlife attractions.

Moreover, this is the home of the celebrated Dolphin Encounters program, providing tourists with the opportunity to swim with dolphins and sea lions.

Lucayan National Park

Occupying about 40 acres, Lucayan National Park is Bahamas’s finest treasure characterized by mangrove swamps and shores, pine forests and winding footpaths. Located 25 miles east of Ranfurly Circle, the national park is famed for its underwater cave system, which is one of the largest and longest of its kind in the world. You can explore two of the caves –Burial Mound Cave and Ben’s Cave through a short walkway. The park is also home to all 6 of the Bahamas’ vegetation zones. The park is certainly worth a stop for avid wildlife seekers and bird watchers.

Port Lucaya Marketplace

The Port Lucaya Marketplace is the jewel of Grand Bahama Island and a shopper’s paradise. It stands tall and imposing on the harbour’s edge of Freeport on the island and painted in typical Caribbean hues of turquoise, bright pink, green, and yellow. Excited shoppers can make their way into the central plaza and shop from more than 40 specialty stores and boutiques selling art pieces and straw crafts. If you’re hungry or thirsty, there are also countless restaurants, cafes, food vendors and beer bars. Hang around until sunset for some memorable nightlife in the town.

Pig Island

When you think about a getaway to the Bahamas, what may not spring to mind are snorting, swimming pigs. Found in the Exumas, specifically Big Major Cay, you will find a group of wild but lovable pigs swimming freely across the waters and rushing out to meet and greet boasts bringing travelers and snacks. Take as many photographs of the swimming pigs you desire. You can also opt to swim with them.

In conclusion, it’s obvious to see that the sun-drenched islands of Bahamas have something to suit everyone’s tastes.