Lahore- The City of Open-Hearted People

Lahore is one of the oldest cities in the world and perhaps the less talked metropolitan in the world. According to some sources the city is about 2000 years old, it has seen persons becoming leaders, the fall of Rajput Dynasty at the hands of the Mughals and then the rise and fall of the Mughal Empire and then rise of Sikh Empire and ultimately the British Occupation and then eventually fall of British Empire in the Sub continent.

The city of Lahore has gone through a lot of changes and it has witnessed rise and falls of many greats. Currently it is the second largest city of Pakistan with a population of roughly 12 Million people. Strategically Lahore is very significant, because at one end it is touched by the ancient river of Ravi and at the other end it shares the border with arch rival India. But despite all these facts and events Lahore has always managed to stay ahead of the curve and that is mainly due to its people. It is said that the one who hasn’t visited Lahore isn’t born yet. Lahore leaves and everlasting experience on people who visits and there are certain factors who contribute to it, A few of these factors are Culture, People, Food and Historical imprints.



They say that its not the economy or the living style that makes a city great, its always the people and if you were to ask me the greatest city in the world in terms of its people then Lahore would secure the top position in that List. Its people are so open hearted and hospitable that they would bring tears in your eyes. Many foreigners who had visited Lahore said that they would literally buy the expensive food or Local Products from the shops and the people wouldn’t accept the payment because of the fact that they were Guests of the city. In no place on earth you would experience such hospitality.

Cultural Hub

Lahore is the home of cultural and Arts, if it were to be called as the ambassador of Punjabi culture then it wouldn’t be wrong to say. From Arts to Literature, from religion to Entertainment Lahore has always been an epicenter of culture. And through the history it has only let this culture evolved beyond its limits.


One the most important factor or perhaps the most important factors which separates Lahore from other cities of its league is its Food. Just to put it in terms that you’ll understand how good Lahori Food is, if you were to eat from a Fiver star restaurant with world class chefs then still it won’t match the Taste of a Lahori Food vendor selling at the crosswalk of a road. The city literally has markets and streets dedicated to quality foods. And if you somedays find yourself in Lahore then do pay a visit to Food Street Lahore.


Historical Buildings

Lahore is a Historic city and you get to become one unless you have such Buildings and Lahore has a plenty of them. Whether is the grant old King Mosque in the center of Lahore or the Royal Fort, Lahore has plenty of such buildings. And these are the only ones that most of the visitors visit, there are other thousands building who have been recognized at UN Heritage site and they have been preserved by the city.


So, if you like adventures and visiting places that would leave a lasting impression then Lahore should be on the List.…