Top 5 Places to Visit in Vienna

Vienna is one of Europe’s most attractive cities. It is the capital of Austria, a country that has the flair of tourism. Its rich history is one thing that attracts many travellers. With a rich tradition and historical artefacts, there’s so much more to explore in this wonderful city.


While making your travel plans, make plans to also visit these  places:

1. The Prater and the Giant Ferris Wheel

There’s a natural park between the Danube and the Danube Canal. The Prater is that natural park. You’ll feel like you’re in a different universe when you’re in this park. The land occupies 3,2 acres, which is a large capacity for a park. It’s one of Austria’s most popular recreational centres.

Everyone visiting would enjoy everything in the Prater. In the Wurstel area, there are thrills and spills. Also, you’ll find some ancient-styled theme park rides and a dinosaur-themed park, especially for kids. Another thing you can do here is dance. For couples who love to have dinner and dance after, this is a great place for a romantic night out.

Riding the famous Giant Ferris Wheel allows you to lodge a luxurious cabin for 12 people. It’s been in the city since 1896, and it’s a great attraction.

2. The Spanish Riding School

The Spanish Riding School was established in 1562 after Emperor Maximilian II introduced Lipizzaner horses to his courtesans. It’s a side-attraction that many tourists love to visit. And because of the history behind this centre, many travellers have seen it as a point of interest. It’s one of Europe’s best riding schools.  

What does this spot offer, you ask? It excites visitors with equestrian skills in the Baroque Winter Riding School around the Hofburg Palace, and it has been here since 1735. You’ll also get to see various performances that will entertain you. It’s advisable to book tickets in advance. If you buy a package that involves a behind-the-scenes tour, a morning training session, and a visit to the stables.

3. Vienna Zoo

Vienna Zoo is also called Tiergarten Schönbrunn and it was founded in 1752. Believe it or not; many of the ancient buildings are still intact. They’ve been intact for multiple decades, close to 4 centuries. The Imperial breakfast Pavilion has a refreshing cafe that allows visitors to get drinks to refresh their tongues.

How about the animals, you ask? Vienna Zoo occupies about 750 species of wild animals. This includes pandas, cubs, rainforest animals, and aquatic animals. However, you should check the Zoo’s website for more information about feeding times and safety for children. You can visit this zoo with your family and enjoy your vacation. Nearby, you’ll find Haus des Meeres, an aquarium in a WWII flak tower and Butterfly House, which is close to the Opera House. These are pleasant spots to visit after you must have enjoyed the zoo experience.

4. The Vienna State Opera House

This is one of the largest theatres in the world. The most popular composers, dancers, actors, and artistic personnel in the world perform here. In a year, this theatre stages at least 300 ballet and opera performances. And this is just great for any tourist visiting at any time of the year. The city’s love for music inspired this. The first performance at this theatre was in 1625, which was an opera performance. For more information, visit the Vienna State Opera House official site.

5. Natural History Museum

This museum houses the popular Dinosaur Hall. It also includes an exhibition of meteorites. This exhibition is the world’s largest. A meteorite that fell in Morocco from Mars is called the Tissint meteorite. There are 39 halls at this spot, and you can see exhibitions of so many other things. They include the origin of human evolution and development right from prehistoric times. There’s a new feature called the Digital Planetarium which has a huge projection.


Enjoy your trip to Vienna and visit these top amazing places. You’d be thankful you read this. When visiting Vienna, Austria, have it in mind that you’ll be visiting a city with a classy cultural heritage. So, you must prepare yourself for an amazing trip. There are many places in Vienna to visit when your aeroplane lands.

6 Amazing Tips for Traveling Alone

Travelling alone is somewhat underrated. Many people assume that it’s either boring or less fun. Why don’t you prove them wrong by engaging in lonely activities when you travel? There are so many things that you can do to help make your trip worthwhile.

Here are 6 amazing tips for travelling alone:

1. Create a bucket list of activities you’d want to do alone

Travelling alone demands that you do something you won’t normally do with other people. So that means you would have to imagine something that you love doing but can’t do with friends or family. For instance, you can decide to attend a popular workshop in the city. Your friends may not be interested in it if they had travelled with you. Also, visit zoos, parks, galleries, museums, and other attractive spots.

2. Avoid single supplement lodgings

When you travel alone, some hotels will charge you a fee for lodging with someone else. And that’s a single supplement. Ensure that you ask questions before making a payment. You should also check their price list to know if you’re lodging a single supplement. Avoid hotels like that.

3. Meet new people

Meeting new people makes your experience worthwhile. You never know when you’ll meet a significant figure in your line of profession. There are many interesting people in the world right now. And if you don’t meet them, you could be missing out on something great. Never shy away from meeting amazing new people.

4. Taste food that you’ve never had before

Sometimes, your travel partners could say “NO” when you have a craving for something new. You have no other option than to go by the other person’s decision to eat something that you’ll both eat together. Rather, being alone makes you try out new food. That way, you’re having some new nutrients in your body.

5. Visit a place with a high rating

Check reviews and ratings online for people’s experiences during their visit to the hotel or tourist spot. The reviews will guide you on the proper places to visit. Those people share their experiences so that other travellers will be guided on where to visit when travelling to the city. Analyze the costs of the top-rated places and see which option is most comfortable for you.

6. Take pictures

This isn’t some kind of lonely activity where you take pictures just because you don’t know what to do. Instead, you’re taking pictures to create memories of your travel experience. Don’t hesitate to ask someone to help you take cool pictures. Selfies are also really good for your travel photo collection.

Start travelling alone to that perfect destination for just you and yourself. Your tourist experience won’t be such a bad idea when you decide to go alone.

Lahore- The City of Open-Hearted People

Lahore is one of the oldest cities in the world and perhaps the less talked metropolitan in the world. According to some sources the city is about 2000 years old, it has seen persons becoming leaders, the fall of Rajput Dynasty at the hands of the Mughals and then the rise and fall of the Mughal Empire and then rise of Sikh Empire and ultimately the British Occupation and then eventually fall of British Empire in the Sub continent.

The city of Lahore has gone through a lot of changes and it has witnessed rise and falls of many greats. Currently it is the second largest city of Pakistan with a population of roughly 12 Million people. Strategically Lahore is very significant, because at one end it is touched by the ancient river of Ravi and at the other end it shares the border with arch rival India. But despite all these facts and events Lahore has always managed to stay ahead of the curve and that is mainly due to its people. It is said that the one who hasn’t visited Lahore isn’t born yet. Lahore leaves and everlasting experience on people who visits and there are certain factors who contribute to it, A few of these factors are Culture, People, Food and Historical imprints.



They say that its not the economy or the living style that makes a city great, its always the people and if you were to ask me the greatest city in the world in terms of its people then Lahore would secure the top position in that List. Its people are so open hearted and hospitable that they would bring tears in your eyes. Many foreigners who had visited Lahore said that they would literally buy the expensive food or Local Products from the shops and the people wouldn’t accept the payment because of the fact that they were Guests of the city. In no place on earth you would experience such hospitality.

Cultural Hub

Lahore is the home of cultural and Arts, if it were to be called as the ambassador of Punjabi culture then it wouldn’t be wrong to say. From Arts to Literature, from religion to Entertainment Lahore has always been an epicenter of culture. And through the history it has only let this culture evolved beyond its limits.


One the most important factor or perhaps the most important factors which separates Lahore from other cities of its league is its Food. Just to put it in terms that you’ll understand how good Lahori Food is, if you were to eat from a Fiver star restaurant with world class chefs then still it won’t match the Taste of a Lahori Food vendor selling at the crosswalk of a road. The city literally has markets and streets dedicated to quality foods. And if you somedays find yourself in Lahore then do pay a visit to Food Street Lahore.


Historical Buildings

Lahore is a Historic city and you get to become one unless you have such Buildings and Lahore has a plenty of them. Whether is the grant old King Mosque in the center of Lahore or the Royal Fort, Lahore has plenty of such buildings. And these are the only ones that most of the visitors visit, there are other thousands building who have been recognized at UN Heritage site and they have been preserved by the city.


So, if you like adventures and visiting places that would leave a lasting impression then Lahore should be on the List.…

Experiencing the Unique spots in the Maldives


Over the years, the awe-inspiring archipelagos of the Maldives have continued to establish itself as the number destination for many people looking for an excellent place to enjoy an uninterrupted natural beauty, romance and relaxation.


The Maldives is the smallest country in Asia and one of least populated in the world.  The islands consist of 25 atolls, composed of the banks of white sand and coral reefs.


The fascinating history and geographical features need not convinced you about the undeniable charm of this country. The resorts – many of whom are on their private island – will do their best to do it. The hotel class here familiar with their markets, in addition to the growing popularity of families, ecotourism and diving, romantic stay still one of the main reasons to visit the Maldives.


Perfect time to visit the Maldives

The Maldives is a destination all year round for tourists from near and far. Therefore, a visit to the Maldives at any time of the year is a great experience for travellers to consider the best time to visit the beautiful landscape architecture site.


In the Maldives, from December to April, is summertime. The dry season prevails with little rain and low humidity. It is the best time to visit the Maldives, as tourists can enjoy water sports and tourism chase. Swimmers and bathers can also enjoy the beaches of the Maldives by their side enjoyable. Because it is high season for tourists, in the night the prices always rise. During the Christmas and New Year, travellers from around the world keep increasing, and this leads to more hotel occupancy. The monsoon from May to August to determine these months in the Maldives.


For many tourists that have never been to the Maldives before, having read this article, you should try this summer with your loved ones, family or colleagues. The atmosphere and the aura that surrounds the islands are quite impressive. Here are a few of the activities that will be brightening your stay in the Maldives.





Dhonis are traditional icon of the Maldives, historically built by hand with walnut boards by excellent builders who eventually pass on the craft to their trainees’ art without writing. In the Maldives today, Dhonis are distinct with their latex veils, distinctive arches and smooth sides. Also in the island are dolphins and reef fish, they are mostly noticeable whenever tourists are exploring the waters around the resort and beyond. Other amazing features of the Dhonis which tourist experience while on the Maldives is the cultural element which includes local lore and traditional music, as well as conventional Maldivian massage with local coconut oil.


Sandbank Cinema

If you are visiting Maldives soon, another sight to behold in the isolated islands is the Sandbanks Cinema. It is a short drive west from Baros Maldives and very close to Thila  -private bank of white sand- on which the resort offers a private dinner in the middle of the ocean. The Sandbank Cinema are so incredible that with boats on the water, one can spend the evening on the strip of sand under the beaming sunshine and watch interesting movies. For many of the travellers the Sandbank cinema offers a unique type of service which makes sunrise packs available for breakfast and picnic, and the private cinema makes dinner out on the sandbar so special.