5 Amazing places you can visit in Australia

Australia is one of the places with many wonderful splendors that one can’t afford to overlook. If you are planning to make a trip to the island in the Southern Hemisphere, it is always advised that you first take some time and make a plan for it.


This should also include the places you would like to visit. Australia is always known for its beautiful beaches and numerous diving sites among other great places.


This place literary has everything for everyone and you can never run out of places to visit while down there. Since there are numerous destinations to visit, let me make it easier for you to choose with these suggestions below.

  • The Great Ocean Road in Victoria

Usually known as one of the definitive wonders in Australia, this breathtaking 150 mile drive just at the edge of the continental line will definitely blow your mind away.

It even gets much better when you keep on driving until you arrive at the Twelve Apostles. Known to be the climax of the ride, you will get to see the gnawed limestone cliffs hence leaving behind a collection of rocks at the sea.


  • Kakadu National Park

If you are going to visit the Northern territory, make sure to pass by the park towards a year long end of a dry season. This is always the best time if you want to experience the beauty of nature in the northern part.

You will get a good opportunity of seeing the reptiles and birds of the Kakadu Park as they cram into these wetlands. Common things include the yellow water lagoons which are quite spectacular especially when they welcome you to a free open air zoo.

You can also decide to go for a cruise and get to interact with other animals and birds including the white egrets, sea eagles, pelicans, brolgas, snake birds and even crocodiles.


  • Sydney Harbour Bridge

If all you want is a better view, then you will need to make a way to the top of this bridge. Located in the New South Wales, the bridge offers an amazing 360 degree view of the greatest harbour in the world.

If you want to go for the ultimate view however, you will need to put on special gears to help you climb the top of the bridge’s arch.

This is usually estimated to be about 440 ft above the sea level thus giving you a great view of the harbour.


  • Cape Nauraliste and Cape Leeuwin

Sometimes you just want to be taken away for a while or just go for those long drives whenever you feel bored, right? Well, in Western Australia, you can try going for the120 mile drive that joins the two capes.

The drive passes through parks and great vineyards not forgetting a coastline too. These offers you great views and adventures as you make your drive through.

During spring, the view even gets more amazing as the landscape sometimes glitters with a lot of wild flowers.


  • Ngadiku Dreamtime walk

This is also a great place to visit if you ever find yourself in Queensland. It is usually operated by the local community who have inhabited the area for a long period of time. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about the amazingly great Mossman Gorge, take this walk.

The place is located in the tropical north of the Queensland and acts as a source of medicine and food to the local people of Kuku Yalanji. Some also use the place for spiritual sustenance.

Best Destinations for Wine Lovers

It is always a pretty thing to have a themed holiday, right? It becomes even much better when your theme is something you quite love and you have to combine it with traveling.


Great combo I know, right? This will of course be more fun especially when what you love is just good food and a better wine.


Well, at least if you love good wine, then you have more reason to be happy as there are a lot of holiday destinations available for you out there. Below are some of them.


  • Douro Valley, Portugal

Just a few miles from Portugal’s capital, you will come across this great site boasting of 18th and 19th century wine estates or Quintas as they are popularly known and great vineyards just above the amazing Douro river.

This place is known for producing some of the greatest wines one of them being the Vinho Verde white wine which is quite popular. Besides, you can also enjoy great table wines from the smaller quintas made from some of the indigenous grapes.

You can also decide to go for a guided tour and tasting at some of the historic sites such as Quinta de La Rosa, Quinta das Carvalhas and Quinta da Pacheca. If you are tired of being on land, you can also decide to go on a wine cruise and get to view this great place on water.

  • Franschhoek

This is another great wine destination located between the amazing mountains in the heart of Cape Winelands in South Africa. It was founded in 1688 by the French Huguenots and has been filled with great vineyards ever since.

The place produce a variety of great wines such as Semilon and Chardonnay which are great white wines and some amazing reds like the Shiraz and Pinot Noir. Some great vineyards in this place include Allee Bleue, Solms-Delta, chamonix and La Motte.

You can also take a food and wines tour that will include picking grapes tasting some great wine. Sounds like much fun, right?

  • Saint – Emilion

If what you love most includes full-bodied red wines, then this is where you need to be. Located in Bordeaux, France, the region holds one of the most historic wine town with the major tourist attraction being Les Cordeliers.

This is a winery, although quite rusty, that was left in the ruins of the Franciscan monastery dating back to the 14th century. For more than a century now, this place has been producing the best Crémant de Bordeaux wine from its old ancient cellars.

If you want to extend your visit, you can also consider visiting Chateau Troplong Mondot and Chateau Cautet as they are also some great wineries around.

If you want to be a great wine taster, you can also attend wine tasting sessions at Maison du Vin of Saint – Emilion wine school to learn a few things about wine tasting.

  • Valle de Guadalupe

If you are visiting Mexico, make sure you extend your visit to this great wine region. Popularly known for producing amazing reds and white wines, you should consider visiting some of the best wine makers including Monte Xanic, Casta de Vinos and Vena Cava among others.

Anyway, if you are tired of the blends, you can head down to Finca La Carrodilla for some awesome four mono-varietal wines or go to La Cava de Marcelo for a great wine and cheese combos.

This is where you will get to try of the exotic cheese most probably with a glass of good tasting wine that is locally produced.

A simple backpacking guide when traveling to Hawaii

Hawaii is always known to be among some of the best tourist destinations around the globe. Even if you are going on a business trip, you still can’t resist the beauty this place has to offer hence you might find yourself taking a break and going around to try and enjoy some of the beautiful sites on this little tropical paradise.


Located just in the middle of the pacific, Hawaii always enjoys the sun in abundance, great sandy beaches and an awesome view of the ocean making it one of the most seductive holiday destinations.


Well, due to its relatively untamed environment and also being located in an exotic location, there are certain items that you most certainly must have when backpacking for your trip, below are some of them.



  • Sunscreen


If you were expecting to see any snowfall in Hawaii then sorry to disappoint you. This is probably why most people refer to this place as a sunny Hawaii. If you are going to use your skimpy swimsuits then you are most certainly going to need protection from the scorching rays from the sun.


This therefore makes a sunscreen to be among your top priorities when packing. Make sure you pack one with a sun protector factor of about 30 or even more. Additionally, you can also carry an aloe gel to help you soothe the burns if you always get affected by the sunburns easily.


A reef safe sunscreen would also be appropriate when traveling to search fragile ecosystem as they are known to be chemically safe for the turtles and reefs in the region.



  • The right clothing


As said before, it is almost impossible to visit Hawaii without checking out some of it’s wonderful and amazing beaches like Lanikai or even Waikiki.


They always have turquoise waters and their great pristine sand will always attract you to take a walk along the shores whether its a romantic walk with your partner or you just want some time alone. Well, since you can’t be wearing your swimsuit all the time, you will need an appropriate clothing for this.


For men, maybe you should consider throwing in a couple of Polo shirts or T-shirts and a few pair of shorts. For the ladies, you might consider finding a great swimsuit cover-up perhaps with a straw hat too would be okay.


  • Waterproof phone case


Of course you wouldn’t want to visit a place like Hawaii and come out with no pictures for your Instagram or just to keep some memories, right? This is why you will often find a lot of people carrying their phone to every place they go.

Besides, you might also be needed for something urgent hence having a phone with you at all times is an important thing. However, you need to be very careful and keep it much safe especially when around water bodies.

This is why having a universal waterproof phone case would be such a nice idea. This way, even if you dropped your phone in the water when taking pictures, it will still be safe. They also help when taking pictures underwater.



  • Flip flops


In Hawaii, it is pretty difficult to stay without flip flops, everybody wears them. When on the beaches, you will probably notice how hot the sand can get as they get heated all day by the sun.

This is quite true especially with those beaches having a darker sand as they are known to absorb too much heat hence can be dangerous when you try to walk barefoot on them. This is why you need to have some flip flops with you.


  • Hiking shoes


Well, you can’t miss the beaches and most certainly you can’t miss the wonderful natural scenery around Hawaii too.

You can always find a lot of hiking opportunities including the Hawaii Volcanoes national park among others.

This is why you will need to have some extra hiking shoes just in case you want to enjoy more on what Hawaii has to offer in terms of the wild natural beauty.

Great Tourist Attractions in Africa

If you are planning on going for a vacation in Africa, then it is important that you have an idea on some of the best places to visit before you start packing.

This is simply to save you some time as it might be quite a challenge to pick the best places in a short notice given how big the continent is and also the diversity when it comes to tourist destinations.

Well, even though you might have plans to visit some other places, below are some of Africa’s most iconic and evocative destinations that you might consider visiting.


  • Maasai Mara National Reserve

One of the best places to go to when touring Africa, is Kenya. The country is known of its great diversity and colorful culture. On top of this, it offers spectacular scenes and also a better opportunity for interacting with wildlife.

In Kenya, the Maasai Mara is one of the amazing wonderlands when it comes to wildlife. This park is also connected to another park in Tanzania, the Serengeti and the two makes up a great safari destination, right?

Visiting the Maasai Mara also means witnessing the famous wildebeest migration. You can also choose to tour the place on air inside a hot-air balloon to give you a lifetime experience.

  • Victoria Falls

If your destination is Zambia, make sure you find some time to visit this great site. The falls, indigenously known as “The Smoke That Thunders” is usually defined by the roaring water plunging against the rocks as it falls down a veil of spray that is quite mystical.

If you still don’t know, this is the world’s largest sheet of falling water. It is estimated that the rate at which the water falls is 165 million gallons of water per minute during the flooding season. The place is located just at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

  • Pyramids of Giza

When you hear about pyramids, the place that definitely comes in to your mind is Egypt, right? Well, you guessed just right. This is always seen as one of the greatest man made features and also has an amazing architectural design.

It is also the oldest tourist attractions in the world having being built more than 50 centuries ago. This is the only thing among the seven wonders of the world to have stood the test of time.

They are always three of them namely; the Pyramid of Khafre, the Pyramid of Menkaure and the Great Pyramid of Khufu. In front of the pyramids you will also find the Sphinx that has an Arabic name meaning “Father of Terror”.

  • Djenne

If you like visiting old cities, then here is one situated in central Mali. Estimated to have been found in 800 AD, Djenne lies on an island in the inland Niger Delta and was built as home to the early traders around the 17th and 18th Century.

This place was also used as a center of teaching the religion of Islam which can clearly be seen as the amazingly Great Mosque still dominates the market square.

Djenne is also known for its famous adobe architecture. It is one of the best places to visit while in Mali and you will definitely have an amazing experience.